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 About Compass-Labs

My name is Eyal Mishly, Compass-Labs founder.
I am an electrical engineer, specializing in laboratory testing and electronic systems evaluation. 
Compass-Labs provides unique services to high-tech companies and academic institutions, for technologic laboratories design, development, operation & maintenance.
Compass-Labs focus on:
  • Design of a technologic laboratory, using advanced 3D CAD tools, adapted to customers requirements and the nature of business operation. 
  • Project management for laboratory design development, by highly experienced team.
  • Lab Operation - Tailor-made software package, applicable for electronic equipment control, data collection and laboratory processes automation. 
  • Maintenance and calibration services at customer site. 
I am a graduate of Ben Gurion University in electrical and computer engineering,  specializing in signal processing and real-time software engineering. I have over 25 years of wide experience in laboratory testing and evaluation of electronic systems. 
Member of IEEE organization and participant in major European and US conferences, exhibitions and events related to RF, signal processing, photonics and electronics test equipment.
My practical experience includes RF laboratory operation & management, automated testing processes development, and years of experience working as an advanced RF projects integration leader.
5 years ago, I created Compass-Labs. It was a natural continuation towards my vision.
I work in cooperation with local and international companies in various fields, including specific lab furniture, high-end electronic test equipment, advanced software suits for lab operation, and integration companies specializing in complex projects management.
The beating heart of Compass-Labs relies on a successful collaboration with experienced specialists, operating in various technological lab disciplines.

Compass-Labs Mission

Design, build & operate outstanding technological laboratories, for Hi-Tech companies and academic institutions, creating an innovative space for idea testing and systems evaluation.

Compass-Labs Vision

To become a professional & educational engineering hub for electronic systems lab testing, accessible and affordable to everyone. 
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