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Buy Gold Nuggets

We strive to maintain a broad spectrum of inventory to meet the needs of just about every type of natural gold collector! From fines, flakes, and gold nuggets to the top grade highly desirable AU specimens. We most likely have something to interest you. Please be sure to save us in your favorites and visit often, as new inventory can arrive at any time. All orders inside of the USA will ship for free! Be sure to explore our entire web-site as there are a lot of gold related topics to browse through.

buy gold nuggets


Collecting Natural Gold is fun and exciting, but more importantly it offers a great alternative way to invest in the precious metal. Each piece of natural gold is really just a "One of a kind" piece of Nature's Artwork. Gold nuggets and specimens are rare, unique, and pretty. They are worth more than their melt value, and in our opinion they are far more thrilling to hold and look at than gold bullion. Sadly most of the gold nuggets mined throughout history have been melted down for coinage and bullion bars. We hope you enjoy the contents of our web-site, and are eager to earn your business!

As mentioned above, gold bullion coins are preferred by many investors because they have the backing of central banks and federal governments. Additionally, these coins are issued by national sovereign mints and other state-owned facilities. The following are some of the most prolific issuers of gold coins:

The primary benefits to gold bullion bars for gold buyers are diversity and affordability. Gold bullion bars have lower premiums over the spot price of gold when compared to gold bullion coins, and the variety of options is far more diverse. Gold bullion bars are available not only in the aforementioned weights, but also styles including cast, hand-poured, and minted ingots. Gold bullion bars are struck continuously to meet the demand for gold, with the following refineries and mints representing some of the greatest refiners of gold bars:

If you run into any issues or have any questions as you buy gold from JM Bullion, we encourage you to reach out to our customer service associates. Our team is waiting to assist you on the phone at 800-276-6508, online using our live chat service, and via our email address.

If you decide you want to buy some gold nuggets, you should first ask yourself whether you are more interested in the metal itself as an investment, or are you more interested in natural gold for its collectability as a rare mineral specimen. This will help you decide what your best options are.

If you are simply interested in buying some gold as an investment in precious metals, then you may actually be better of purchasing refined bullion. This is commonly available at most coin shops and is guaranteed to be at least .999 purity. These can easily be purchased in a variety of sizes, most commonly as 1 troy ounce rounds and bars. If you simply want some gold as an investment then this can be a good option, but if you want some natural gold then there are a few things to consider.

If you want to purchase natural gold for investment and are just looking for the best price, then smaller sized placer gold is going to be your best option. This is because placer gold general has the lowest premium due to being much more common when compared to the larger and much rarer nuggets and specimens.

Size has a huge effect on the price and collectability of natural gold, so if you are looking for the cheapest price by weight alone, then fine dust or flakes will probably be your best bet. Its small size also means that you will be able to sell small amounts at a time rather than all at once. Many people like to have gold dust as an item that they can barter with.

Natural placer gold is nice, but most gold collectors prefer larger gold nuggets. It pretty much goes without saying; a big gold nugget is almost always worth more than small placer gold dust due to its rarity and collectability.

Regardless of which type of natural gold you decide to purchase, its natural beauty is always an important consideration. Each piece of gold that exists in nature is unique; it all has different shapes and colors that have an effect on its overall beauty.

Gold is never 100% pure in its natural form. To get gold that is truly pure it needs to be refined, so the true gold content within any piece of gold as it comes from the Earth will vary. This variation can actually be quite amazing, and each different region will produce slightly different purities of gold. The gold that has a higher purity is generally more beautiful than those that have lower purities due to other metal alloys such as copper and silver.

Gold generally averages in the range of 18 karat to 22 karat purity, but there are some areas where it runs well over 23 karats, and other places where high silver content within the gold lowers the purity down around 14 karats or even lower. These extremes in purity are generally rare, but they do occur, and you can often tell just from looking at the piece.

The gold content within a nugget is not the only thing that has an effect on the value and beauty of a natural gold nugget or specimen. Sometimes very low purity gold brings a very high premium price to collectors.

Some of the beautiful gold specimens that come out of the state of Nevada are an excellent example of this. Many mines in Nevada produce natural gold that has a very high silver content. In fact, it is technically not gold at all, but is actually a metal called electrum, which is an alloy of the two metals that is has more than 20% silver content. The high percentage of silver makes the gold noticeably lighter in color than an average piece of gold, yet these specimens are some of the most highly sought after by rare mineral collectors.

Gold can also come in some very interesting formations that are quite rare and highly sought after by collectors of rare minerals. Rather than being smooth, rounded placer gold nuggets, these pieces have a beautiful crystalline structure. Some of the interesting formations in them are so unique that you can identify the exact mine that they came from just by looking at them.

People often want gold that comes from their home state or country. If someone grew up in a mining community, then they often want a nugget that came from a specific area that they are familiar with, and they will pay a premium for it.

While most natural gold nuggets will bring a premium over the spot price of the metal itself, it is still worthwhile to know what the current gold price is. This information is easily found on websites like

The price of gold itself should only be used as a general guideline when it comes to natural gold values. More average placer gold dust may only be valued at around spot price, but almost any nugget is worth at least some percentage above it. At the present time, it seems that around 1.5 times spot price is the going rate for most quality nuggets for sale by dealers, but exceptional crystalline specimens can easily bring several times their weight in gold.

This article would not be complete if I did not include a few warning that any gold buyer should be aware of if they are serious about buying natural gold. These concerns mainly apply to buying gold online on places like eBay and Amazon, where you are unable to see the gold in person. However, some of these risks will also apply to buying in person too.

We all know that gold is a very heavy element, which is a great indicator. It is noticeably heavy when you hold it in your hand, and most other metals will be significantly lighter when you hold them in your hand. This is one good indicator of whether a gold nugget is real or fake.

Another issue that is very common on eBay is to take very close-up photographs of a gold nugget without anything in the picture for size reference. You should always buy from a dealer who includes something in the photo to give you an indication of size. The last think you want to do is to think you are buying a nice sized nugget and end up with a small flake.

Understanding the common weights used by sellers of precious metals is also very important. The most common weights used by gold dealers are grams, pennyweights, and troy ounces. Gold and precious metals are weighed using troy ounces, NOT in avoirdupois ounces! Grains are also used by some sellers, which is fine, but know that grains are very small and a piece of gold that only weighs a few grains is very small. Understand the basic weight conversions before you buy so you are not disappointed.

Hopefully this information provides you with some good information to consider if you decide that you want to start investing in natural gold nuggets and specimens. Regardless of which type of natural gold you like best, be sure that you are happy with your purchase and enjoy it!

Gold and gold bullion come in various forms. An investor can buy bars, coins, and rounds in almost any size and quantity. Buyers typically get a discount for buying in large quantities or bulk. The yellow metal is produced by mints in various sizes, shapes, and weights. It can be purchased from a local merchant or you can order online from a reputable dealer like Money Metals Exchange. Most buyers opt for the security, convenience, and safety of buying from respected online dealers because they frequently have the best prices and usually are not required to charge sales taxes.

Exchange-traded products (ETPs) include exchange-traded funds (ETFs), closed-end funds (CEFs) and exchange-traded notes (ETNs). Such instruments give investors exposure to the current gold Price without storing physical bars. However, the complex structure of the aforementioned instruments as well as gold certificates, derivatives such as options and futures, all involve counterparty risks which should not be underestimated. People may also invest in mining companies, a highly speculative alternative to owning the physical metal itself.

A gold coin is made predominantly of gold. Bullion coins are used for investment purposes. Other gold coins for sale are meant to be sold to collectors. Bullion coins are valued based on the gold content while collectible coins may have numismatic value. (However, be careful, as many items sold as rare or collectible are worth no more than their actual melt value.) 041b061a72


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